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Talent concept

Talent Concept

Aupo view of talent

Adhering to the tenet of “Respect human value, develop human potential, and create win-win platform”, we will build aupo  into a learning organization, in this organization, we welcome passionate, honest and rigorous colleagues to join us. Communication and problem-solving skills, from excellence to excellence, allowing a steady stream of people to realize their life dreams here.

Cultivating and nurturing a team of talents with a sense of mission and responsibility to win market leadership, create organizational advantages, lead value orientation, and support the realization of strategic goals is Yabao’s continuous pursuit of talents.

Guiding thought

Respect for human valuesau

We value all the employees who agree with the concept of aupo, have professional spirit and professional quality, and can create performance.

Advocating the common growth of enterprise value and employee value, with the development of the enterprise, the employees also get the remuneration and position which is suitable for their own efforts, and realize the value recognition.

To let the employees have the brand effect of Yalbao and have higher market value because of their working experience of Yalbao.

Give full play to human potential

The development of talents is placed at a strategic height, and employees are constantly provided with learning opportunities, work opportunities and opportunities to challenge themselves.

Emphasis on performance-oriented use of people, scientific evaluation of the selection of people, optimization of talent selection, training, use and retention mechanism to attract, retain and incentivize the excellent professional team, fully exploit the potential of people, so that they give full play to their talents.

Create a win-win platform

Respect the personality and pursuit of employees, encourage employees to improve their own abilities, and recognize the achievements of employees.

Adhere to the concept of sharing the fruits of development with employees, pay attention to the interests of both the enterprise and employees, advocate the joint creation and sharing of value in the work, to achieve common development between the enterprise and employees and share the success of a win-win situation.